Pride Condenser EP8301 / DCB104C


Replaces Lucas DCB104C / 54423572

Fits to the:

  • Distributors 45D4 and 59D4
  • For Austin, Morris and Rover

Pride Ignition Condensers safely and effectively prevent arc damage across ignition points whilst significantly prolonging the discharge of electricity through the ignition coil.

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Will fit the following cars

MakeModel Start YearEnd YearCCEngine Code
AUSTINMINI MK I 0.919691985848
AUSTINMETRO 11980199099999 H
AUSTINMETRO 1.0 Surf HLE1980199099999 HA65P
AUSTINALLEGRO 1.319750127512 L
AUSTINMETRO 1.319801990127512 HA83AA
AUSTINMINI MK I 1.319741980127512 H
AUSTINMINI MK I 1.319691980127512 HC
AUSTINMETRO 1.3 L,HLE,S19801984127512 H
AUSTINALLEGRO 1.519750148514 H
AUSTINMINI MK I 10001967198499999 H
AUSTINMINI MK I 1000 Mayfair1982199399899 HA53P
AUSTINMINI MK I 1000 Mayfair1982199399899 H997P
AUSTINMINI MK I 1000 Mayfair1982199399899 HC20P
AUSTINMINI MK I 1000 Mayfair Sport1988199399999 HD81
AUSTINMINI MK I 1100 Special19761981109810 H
AUSTINMAXI 1500196919801485
AUSTINMAXI 1750 HL19721980174817 LA
AUSTINPRINCESS 1800 HL19761978179818 H
AUSTINPRINCESS 2200 HLS19761978222722 H
AUSTINMINI MK I 85019671979848BMC Serie A
DAIMLERSovererign Sovereign 4.2197319794235
JAGUARXJ 6 4.2197519794235
JAGUARXJ 6 4.2196919754235
LOTUSESPRIT S4 2.2 16V Turbo SE198919962174910 S
LOTUSESPRIT S2 2.2 Turbo198019882174910
MGMGB 1.8197519801798
MGMGB GT 1.8197519801798
MGMETRO 1300198219901275
MGMETRO Turbo198219901275
MORRISMARINA Mk III 1,3197819801275
MORRISITAL 1.3198019841275
MORRISMARINA Mk II 1.319751980127512 H
MORRISMARINA Mk III 1.3197819801275
MORRISMARINA Mk I 1.8197119791798
MORRISMARINA Mk I 1300197119751275
MORRISMARINA Mk II 1300197519781275
MORRISMARINA Mk II 1300197819801275
MORRISMARINA Mk II 1800197519781798
MORRISMARINA Mk II 1800 GT197519781798
MORRISMARINA Mk II 1800 HL197519781798
ROVERMINI MK I 10001992199399999 HD 81
ROVERSDI 2300197719862350
ROVERSDI 260019771982259712 C
ROVERSDI 260019771982259713 C
ROVERSDI 2600 S19821986259713 C
ROVERSDI 2600 S19821986259712 C
TALBOTAVENGER 1.3197219811295
TALBOTAVENGER 1.6197219811598

The Pride brand was born from a love of classic cars and an expertise in automotive components. We understand what it takes to deliver trusted, reliable parts. But more importantly we understand what maintaining and restoring your pride and joy means to you. With a clear focus on British classic cars, our classic parts range benefits from expertly crafted components, packaged with care and presented with genuine pride. Pride is a brand with Great British values, a brand that becomes part of your individual journey. Crafting high standards with fair pricing is key to our success and your enjoyment.



AUSTIN / MORRIS / ROVER Allegro (1974-1983) Ital (1980-1984) Marina (1974-1980) Maxi (1974-1982) Metro 1.0 1980-90 Mini (1974-1980) Mini Van Pick Up (1974-1983) Princess (1976-81)


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